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    Content for the Multi-Passionate: The Anti-Niche!

    Why are you here?

    Why this blog?

    You know there are other storytellers who teach storytelling.

    They probably have more followers too.

    So… why me?

    You know I’m gonna tell you… but before you scroll, can you take a moment and ask yourself why. Or better yet, what?

    What attracted you here?

    (Seriously… just stop for a second!!! Ya know, this is the problem. I love that you read my emails but I really hope you understand that all this information you keep cramming into your brain is useless if you don’t stop and think about these concepts for a minute on your own. So take 3 breaths, and ponder the questions)

    I will also take a few breaths because I just got a litttttttle worked up there.


    Why are you here?

    Was it the mullet?

    I knew the mullet was a good idea!!

    I bet it’s actually the idea of the mullet.

    Actually I’m almost certain that’s what it is.

    Not that video in particular, it’s the whole vibe.

    My vibe.

    Vibe is the reason why you buy anything.

    We know what “it’s a vibe” means to us, but here’s how it’s defined:

    Vibe | noun | a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

    We are constantly in a state of wanting to communicate to others that we fit in. We fit the vibe.

    We make [buying] decisions everyday to fit a vibe.

    Lulu Leggings or Target?

    Hokas or Nikes?

    WFH or Coffee Shop?

    Stanley Mug or stick with your Hydroflask?

    Each of these are a vibe.

    The question you must ask yourself: What’s your vibe and are you actively showcasing it?

    You are on my email list or reading this blog because I fit your vibe.

    Like I said, there are people with more followers and have been doing this work longer than me. So you can’t tell me you’re here JUST because you wanted help speaking your truth in your content.

    Here’s what I know to be true about my audience

    Nobody here plays video games 4+ hours a day (if at all). You probably don’t even have a game app on your phone. I’ve never explicitly said to my audience I don’t have games on my phone… but I don’t have to. It’s already the vibe I put out. So I bet you don’t have any games on your phone either.

    Nobody here is a gym bro. Oooo yeah I probably could have been considered one back in the day, but not anymore. Even if I did the same workouts I used to and drank protein shakes, nobody would call me a gym bro if they followed me for more than a week. It’s not the vibe I put out.

    I would put my money on the fact that you fit all but maybe 1 of these identities:

    • spiritual
    • entrepreneur
    • creative or an artist
    • former athlete (still are 😉)
    • don’t drink much alcohol anymore (or sober)
    • doesn’t live in their home state or strong desire to move
    • friends would describe them as curious, thoughtful, loving and passionate

    If you nodded your head, this is not an accident.

    Scroll through my IG right now you would be hard pressed to find a reel that doesn’t fit one or more of these identities:

    1. Storyteller/Marketer (creative/artist)
    2. Athlete
    3. Spiritual

    Creating The Vibe

    These are my 3 core identities and I allow them to show up everywhere always.

    This isn’t hard to do and I barely have to make an effort to do this, it’s just who I am.

    Showing up fully you and understanding out to create this vibe is the core premise I teach inside The Brand Framework.

    It looks like this:

    1. Money Making Identity: Storyteller/Marketer. This is what I coach and teach.
    2. My true love identity: Athlete. It’s is who I’ve been my whole life and basically can’t function if I’m not doing anything active. I especially need sport.
    3. Personal Growth Identity: Spirituality. Yours could be psychology, metaphysics, self-improvement, philosophy, leadership, or any other interest that helps you understand yourself so you can be of greater help to others.

    Here’s how this works in action

    I am constantly creating the vibe of someone who is very thoughtful, spiritual, and very much into their fitness. All the while making myself the expert in my money making identity. The money making identity shows up about 70% of the time as to not drown myself out and get people thinking I’m a running coach.

    If I were to host a retreat, can you imagine what it would look like?

    Yes, the focus would be storytelling and speaking your truth online. You would 100% expect that we would also be meditating, journaling, getting outside, cold plunging, and likely playing some group sport activity to bond further.

    That’s the vibe.

    And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be bored at my own damn retreat!

    I definitely wouldn’t want to do all those things then be wondering if anyone is enjoying it or having a good time. I wouldn’t have to question that. Of course they would enjoy it, they are my people and they fit this vibe.

    What a vibe is not?

    A vibe is NOT me always being the storyteller.

    Nike’s vibe isn’t “shoe”

    Lulu’s vibe isn’t “leggings”

    Apple’s vibe isn’t “electronic device”

    You must be MORE than the work you do.

    Just as you a stranger became a friend who became a best friend (or lover), you do not get to the most intimate stages with people if you only ever talk about your work. You 2 definitely connected on a similar topic, which could be the work you do, but eventually you are required to go deeper if you want to grow closer. You share more about your life. They truly get to know you. If they like your vibe, they keep hanging around.

    Turning your vibe into leads

    I have a client who helps women get their vibrant energy back through mineral balancing.

    She lives on a homestead with a cow and chickens.

    She is also a mom.

    Part 1 – Show these major parts of you

    If I were her, I’d be filming content about energy and minerals while milking a cow. I’d do the same while collecting eggs from the chickens.

    I would also film plenty of mom stuff.

    This is easy. She’s already doing homestead work and mom stuff.

    70% of her content is about energy and minerals WHILE she is partaking in her regular lifestyle.

    30% is about other parts of her life and interests.

    Part 2 – Attracting friends (leads)

    Then I would go engage with other big accounts that are focused around homesteading, but don’t talk about energy or minerals. These should be thoughtful comments and engagement that comes naturally to you because you would follow this account even if you didn’t run a business.

    It’s highly probable people who like those accounts also have a homestead of their own.

    It’s also probable that those same people are exhausted and would love more energy.

    When they end up finding my clients account they will feel right at home.

    “Ohhh another homesteader. Yay!” They will think.

    Imagine the alternative, that this homesteader is tired all the time and has checked out accounts that talk about increasing your energy, but they never see anyone who lives on a homestead. They end up thinking, “yeah I could try what they’re saying, but it won’t work for me. They don’t get what it’s like to be this busy.”

    Instead, they will think, “She gets it!”

    They fit the vibe.

    With a feeling of safety and belonging, our nervous system relaxes and allows people to try new things. When they try the new things that actually help them get their energy back, YOU look like their hero.

    And guess who is going to share all your amazing content with their friends?

    If you want content to be fun. Create a vibe.

    If you want diehard fans. Create a vibe.

    ✌️ Matt

    Connect with me on Instagram @matthew.allyn and let me know what you liked about this email so I can do more of it!

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