Growth is for entrepreneurs who want to master their messaging and become the only and obvious solution to their ideal clients problem while expressing their most authentic self.

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I’m willing to bet you’ve had at least one of these thoughts…

“I am really good at what I do, why aren’t my DMs blowing up with clients?

“I’m sick of spending 2 hours on a Reel that gets 10 likes and the only comment is my mom!”

“I have been giving away incredible content, but still nobody is buying 😖“

“I know social media is the place for me to expand my business, but I have so many thoughts and struggle to turn them into effective content 😓”

“Everyone says to ‘niche down’ but I’m a multi-passionate person and I don’t want to!!!”

I’m sick of NEEDING to launch to sign on clients 😭 

You started your business because you love what you do, but now you dread making content?

How did we get so disconnected from doing what we love to talking about it online?

No more, I say!

is built on 3 foundations:

Grow your audience

Reach new followers who are so excited they found you 

Grow your business

Turn dream followers into paying customers

Grow your self

Mastering your messaging is the ultimate personal development tool

Growth will teach you how to: speak your truth and stand in your power, effectively tell beautiful stories, and build a generational brand that changes the world.

I believes there is a framework to follow but… There IS NOT ONE WAY to create the best content. Just as it helps to understand how gravity acts on an object so you can build an efficient rocket ship… YOU get to design what the rocket looks like. The name, the colors, where the windows go and the best place to put the bathroom.

In Growth, you will be given effective tools and trainings to master your messaging, but ultimately YOU get to uncover the best and most powerful version of your creativity and messaging. What content do YOU love to create? What is the most energizing and fun for YOU? How do YOU want to show up?

As you learn how to effectively and efficiently show up as the most fun and energizing version of you, your GROWTH is unstoppable.

Marketing is not about:

The truth is… marketing is stressing you the eff out because nothing about it feels like YOU.

Picking some magical Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) and solving all their problems with your content.

Hiding the fact that you are obsessed with plants because that has nothing to do with being a Personal Trainer

Constantly teaching and posting how-to content like a boring textbook 

Doing what everyone else is doing

Or worst of all… hunting down trending audio and praying to go viral

To create raving fans like Nike, Apple, or Taylor Swift who will buy anything you put out requires you to be FULLY YOU!


You no longer dread making content. You set aside time to be creative and are ENERGIZED & EXCITED to create content!

It’s Monday morning and you want to post 5 pieces of content in one day because you are obsessed with everything you created.

You’re getting 3 new DREAM clients following everyday from your latest post.

More followers pour in who all tell you, “My best friend told me I HAD TO follow you!”

When you post about your new offer your audience JUMPS on it. You don’t even have to send a single DM to hit your signup goal.

Your posts are building deep connections with your audience. You feel alive because you are finally building your dream!

A few times a week dream clients are randomly DMing you “How can I work with you” out of the blue and you didn’t even know they were following you.

I’m Ready to Join Now!

“My engagement and views on my profile has doubled and he’s allowed me to be my complete self.” 

Here’s what you get inside

LIVE Coaching with Matt: To ensure you're supported every single step of the way, you'll get LIVE coaching sessions with Matt every two weeks. We'll explore your challenges, hone in your messaging, create fun and aligned content, and clarify your path forward.

Focused Workshops: Each month you will get access to pre-recorded videos designed to support you in your Growth. From learning which content converts current followers into clients to launching your next offer we cover topics requested by you, and our community.

Scripts, Frameworks, and Examples: Every video is supported by scripts and frameworks so you can plug and play your messaging into any piece of content whether it’s a Reel, TikTok, e-mail, podcast, YouTube video, etc. Matt will also provide examples of how he has implemented a concept as well as providing other top creators content so you have no shortage of inspiration!

Content Reviews: You have the opportunity to submit content for an in depth review and feedback by Matt! Every 2 weeks whether you’ve already posted it or you have an idea you want feedback on, you can submit your content and receive a recordings of the review so you can listen at your leisure.

Community: You are not alone! Join your fellow entrepreneurs as you grow you business to new heights. We utilize Circle (check out the sneak peak here) so you can get feedback, ask questions, celebrate wins and connect & collaborate with other entrepreneurs to support your expansion. 

Monthly Challenges: Each month there will be a focus task to help you stay consistent and further develop mastery around you messaging, writing, speaking, storytelling and more.

Take a sneak peak inside of Growth

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🌱 Grow your audience, grow your business, grow your self.
That is forever the mission.


I’m Ready to Join Now!

“It took me 3 weeks to sell out my first launch!”

The GROWTH Guarantee

Join and get full access to LIVE coaching, private workshops, content reviews, and a the community. If you don’t feel like you are seeing results, get a full refund at the end of your 90 days.

Try the workshops, show up to the group coaching calls, and dive deep into the content. If you’re not satisfied, no hard feelings. We want the best for you - whatever you decide that is!

“I went form seeing a blur around my work to have a clear message around my ideas and knowledge.”


What if I miss a live coaching session?

How long do I have access to the workshops?

How much time does this require?

How is this different from other marketing and content programs?

All live coaching sessions are recorded and will be available for you to watch at your convenience. You won’t miss out on any content!

As long as you’re enrolled in the membership, you'll have access to all the workshops and content. This includes all past workshops and new ones released each month.

The goal is to shorten the time it takes you to create incredible content while also learning to fall in love with what you create. I always remind my clients, Nike and Apple don’t put off their marketing as something that’d be nice to do or an after thought. It’s one of the core reasons they are as successful as they are. This gets to be a big part of your business that sets you apart. Having said that, I set aside a minimum of 4 hours a week toward my marketing (including posting 5x/week on IG, a weekly podcast, and a weekly newsletter).

Ultimately this is not about hunting down trending songs, going viral and growing a following for ego sake. This is about evolving as the most powerful version of you inside and outside your business while unleashing your most fun and creative self.

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I imagine you want to be an entrepreneur for a few more decades. Then it’s worth learning the skills of effective marketing so you can successfully market whatever you do over the next few decades. You may have tried a lot of content strategies that haven’t worked. No more gimmicks. Just like going to the gym for a month won’t tell you much… only posting content for a month also won’t tell you much. It comes back to a consistent sustained practice that helps you reach your goals.”


LIVE Coaching with Matt

LIVE coaching sessions with Matt every two weeks

Focused Workshops

Pre-recorded videos designed to support you in your Growth

Scripts, Frameworks, and Examples

Pre-recorded videos designed to support you in your Growth

Content Reviews

Every 2 weeks, submit content for an in depth review and feedback by Matt


Get feedback, ask questions, celebrate wins and connect & collaborate

Monthly Challenges

Focus task to help you stay consistent and further develop mastery

I’m Ready to Join Now!